Monthly Archives: October 2011

  • In since the last blog used Manson Sandpiper guitar, the incredible Beardsell A6 and two Franzke Mandolins.

  • Another amazing OO has arrived, this one by Kent Hamblin.

  • A fantastic used OO by Canadian Marc Beneteau has arrived.

  • Two more used guitars up today, a Santa Cruz Tony Rice dreadnought and fantastic value jumbo by Jimmy Moon.

  • In today, little and large, used Brook Creedy and Bourgeois Signature Dreadnought.

  • A great condition 2009 Martin HD-28VS has just arrived.

  • New up in the used mandolins department, a beautiful Summit A100 in a fantastic reddish finish at £400 less than a new one.

  • Custom shop S50 from George Lowden just in. It’s a beauty and over £1500 less than it would be new!

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