Monthly Archives: September 2011

  • ‘The Flatiron’ bouzouki/octave mandolin just in. There’s some real history here (including an original set of strings). Its from the Backporch Productions days, in great condition and sounds fantastic.

  • A great time was had by all at the London Acoustic Guitar Show. There is a photo on my facebook page.

  • Wyatt Wilkie’s years working with Bob Benedetto are beautifully demonstrated in his just arrived Northern Flyer Deluxe mandolin.

  • Take a look at Mike Baranik's new Meridian in black and white ebony! It will be at the London Acoustic Guitar Show next weekend along with others from Mike Baranik, Michi Matsuda and Gerald Sheppard.

  • A used Goodall Traditional dreadnought has come in. It has the big dread sound with added Goodall sparkle.

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