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  • Its been a while since I had a Givens mandolin. This is a beauty, loud ‘n clear with beautiful tone.

  • Two arrivals from Bruce and co at Weber. The Gallatin mandocello is a helluva lot of cello for two grand. The last two Bitterroot A5s I have ordered have sold before they arrived so don’t hang around if you fancy this one.

  • The two Matsudas have arrived. Along with the remarkable Skunk there’s an equally stunning M1 in cocobolo with lots of extras. I haven’t been so excited since I was a kid getting Christmas presents.

  • Two new arrivals from Andy and Simon of Brook Guitars, a Lyn and Taw both in rosewood.

  • I am back from Healdsburg and busy catching up and overcoming the worst jet lag I’ve ever had. Some news soon.

    In, or at least on today, used offerings by George Lowden and Dana Bourgeois. The F50 is from George Lowden’s custom shop, only 3 months old and over a grand less than it cost new. The Bourgeois OM is what would now be called a Country Boy model, and £600 less than today’s new price. There really are great deals.

  • Used Capek oval hole mandola just in. Save yourself nearly £400 on a new one and get that very special 'dola deep and sonorous sound.

  • The two Heidens have arrived. Mandolins don’t get much better than this.

  • Matt and Bruce Petros make some incredible guitars. This  FS (fingerstyle) is the third I’ve had in and they have all been amazing. In fumed redwood and Malaysian blackwood this one has a beautiful tonal spectrum, with great warmth and intimacy and fantastic separation it a very expressive guitar. I love the simple and understated looks, style without fuss...

  • In today, Weber A5 honey/tortoise and the remarkable Black Ice F5.

    My first black mandolin from Weber was the Black Beauty that can still be seen in my ‘Previously Sold’ pages. After that I worked with Brett and Bruce Weber to create the Custom Elite A that I still have in stock.

    Later Bruce and Brett created the Black Ice. It’s a stunning mandolin with sound to match, full and deep with rich and complex resonance and the power for worrying those ban*os with a loud and clear chop.

  • Two signature models from Dana Bourgeois have arrived today. The dread is an old favourite and one of my best sellers. The OO  is the culmination of Dana’s OO series, they have been popular with me and my customers, this is the best looker yet and sounds incredible.

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