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  • Weber’s Yellowstone F5 and Gallatin octave mandolin have just been added to the shop and website.. I haven’t had a Jellystone F5 for  a while. This is my first Gallatin Octave Mandolin. If you like your OMs to have a strong and well defined bass.. with much much more, look no further.

  • A Friday afternoon arrival.. an excellent condition cittern made by Andy Tobin.

  • My selection of used guitars continues to grow with the arrival of an immaculate Huss and Dalton D-RH, at £1995 it’s a great bargain.

  • I sold Hans Brentrup’s version three of his amazing Stealth a few years back, it was in a beautiful smoky gray/black finish, photos are still on my website. This V8 is in an equally beautiful finish and comes with that great Brentrup tone, very full and warm with volume and chops a plenty. I’ve still got my V6 Eclipse and its staying at home..

  • A brace of used guitars have arrived today. A Bourgeois signature OM and an Eggle Skyland. They are both great deals but the Eggle is especially good because there is a new one up for sale at a discount price out there somewhere, this is £400 less than that!

  • Two new arrivals on the used mandolin wall. A Breedlove OF in sunburst finish and a Capek A4 basic.

  • A superb sunburst OO has just arrived from Kent Hamblin. Hamblin build and sound quality at an amazing price, another one of his I would love to take home.

  • Don’t things always seem to come in two’s? I haven’t had a Guitar Bodied Octave Mandolin (GOM) in for a while. Now GOMs from Bill Bussmann (Old Wave) and Austin Clark arrive on the same day! Oh and an A5 from Bill.

    For those that haven’t heard, the GOM is a guitar bodied octave mandolin. For a reason that I haven’t been able to fathom yet if you give octave mandolin treatment to a small jazz guitar body the result is remarkable. The G on many octave mandolins is wishy-washy.. not on these, its tight and strong. The magic also works across the fretboard, giving a very full sound with fantastic separation. There’s also another GOM due soon from Austin Clark.

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