Monthly Archives: June 2011

  • A trio of Brook guitars has just arrived. Made to match Clyst, Taw and Tamar in European spruce and Walnut. Each is over £600 less than they would cost new.

  • The dreads are back. I haven’t had a Bourgeois dreadnought in for a while now (except for the amazing Slope D). The Vintage Dread in Adirondack and rosewood is an old favourite. Dana’s latest dreadnought is the hide glued mahogany vintage D. Its light like a pre-war Martin and responds like lightning..

  • A gorgeous Hoyer guitar bodied mandolin has just come in.

  • Another used Goodall has just arrived. It’s a Concert Jumbo (15 ¾” lower bout), with cutaway, Adirondack top and K&K pickup. Over a grand to be saved again.

  • A used Collings MF5v has just come in. Its a real beauty.

  • My first flat top/folk mandolin for a while has just arrived from Canada’s Peter Sawchyn. It’s a beauty, deep n’ dark with plenty of punch..

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