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  • My first guitar from Kent Chasson has arrived. Its his signature dreadnought and its wonderful. It has all you would expect from a dreadnought but with a lot more, an incredibly versatile guitars.

  • A Bitterroot A5 and Bighorn two point from Weber have just arrived along with my first from Audey Ratliff in a while. The Bighorn is gorgeous looking and great sounding, I haven't had a two point for too long..

  • The latest arrival is a banjo killing Summit F200.

  • OO custom and SJ custom both in gorgeous sunburst finish and both from the king of the sunburst Dana Bourgeois have just arrived.

  • Another stunning Baranik Retreaux parlour guitar has arrived. This one is in sitka and incredible black and white ebony.

  • The Weber Bitterroot F5 and Gallatin A style with f hole mandola are back in stock. Both sounding and looking great and amazing value.

  • Recently Richard Chapman, very nice guy, great guitarist and author of The Complete Guitarist visited. He was kind enough to write the following on his blog.

    "Yesterday I traveled to Brighton and went  into the Acoustic Music Company to talk to the owner, Trevor Moyle. This is a very good quality shop. He was helpful, spoke intelligently about sound, and I played a number of guitars which were outstanding. A few years ago he recommended Bourgeois guitars. I  played his Bourgeois Country Boy OM and loved it.. It has bright lustrous harmonic flavors, a very good balance between registers, excellent string separation and incredible sustain.. This new guitar is fantastic and for the last 36 hours I’ve played it all day and night."

  • Its been a long wait but well worth it. Take a look at the Andrews 'Zorzi' octave mandolin.

  • Its as old as I sometimes feel.. a Gibson A2 from 1919 has just arrived.

  • Used Lowden S-25j just in.

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