Monthly Archives: February 2011

  • Four fabulous used guitars in (end of last week actually, I forgot to blog them). A custom Bourgeois JOMC, all Koa, and three Froggy Bottom guitars.

  • Beautiful Weber Yellowstone A5 just arrived.

  • Four mandolins have just arrived. New; Weber Bitterroot F4, Weber Gallatin A5. Used; Summit F200, Weber Bitterroot mandola.

  • Immaculate used Dana Bourgeois Signature Dread just in and its £900 less the the next new one!!!

  • Cocobolo is one of my favorites. Bruce Petros' just arrived GC in Cocobolo shows what can be done with it.

  • Beautiful and versatile fiddleback mahogany Charis SJ just in and uploaded.

  • The incredible value Weber Gallatin F5 is back. This one has stunning flame.

  • Eastman 515 in as new condition (un-played) at £625... be quick.

  • An outstanding Heritage model from Michael Heiden with 100 year old woods has just arrived.

  • New arrivals on the mandolin walls; National ResoPhonic RM1, Buchanan folk mandolin, 1930's Kalamazo (by Gibson).

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