Monthly Archives: November 2010

  • Great value used Gallagher Ragtime Special just in.

  • Beautiful used Beneteau OOO-12 in cedar and ziricote just in.

  • Used Breedlove Quartz OF mandolin¬† just arrived.

  • The fantastic Weber Yellowstone A5 is back in stock and I have a Gallatin f hole mandola which is great value for a carved top and back instrument and sounds incredible. Also just arrived, talking of great value, an excellent condition Breedlove OF.

  • Unbelievable OM form Canada's world renowned luthier Mario Beauregard just arrived.

  • Beautiful used Petros Applecreek just in and on my website.

  • Used Breedlove Olympic oval hole mandolin just arrived.

  • Martin HD-28V in excellent condition just arrived.

  • Two new arrivals for the used mandolin wall today. A fab sounding Gibson A1 from 1917 and guitar bodied octave mandolin (GOM) by the amazing Austin Clark. These GOMs really have to be heard to be appreciated. None of that wishy-washy bass associated with some octave mandolins.. the bass is deep and tight.. wonderful.

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