Monthly Archives: October 2010

  • Stunningly beautiful sounding and looking guitar from Gerald Sheppard just arrived. Its a Grand Concert (OM size) in Englemann spruce and Malaysian blackwood with gorgeous snakewood binding and accents. Its on my website now, take a look.

  • Three new electric mandolins (including an octave mandolin) just in from Jon Mann. These are great lookers and players.

  • I have been discussing an OO sized short scale guitar with Kent Hamblin for a while. It is here, it is amazing and it is at a very good price.

  • Beautiful Ray Kraut custom OM just arrived. Take a look at that rosette.

  • My exploration of the small bodied guitar continues - and continues to amaze me - with the arrival of the Petit Concert from Gerald Sheppard.

  • Used Eastman 815 v (varnish) just arrived.

  • Used Lowden S12 in excellent condition just arrived and websited.

  • The fifth Parlour Retreaux from Mike Baranik is here! The Bee's Knees in outstandingly beautiful Bubinga and Italian spruce is a tad warmer sounding than the Aloha Koa that's in stock. If you are interested I will bring in my Paint it Black - in Sitka and Wenge - for a three way play-in..

  • Beautiful Charlie Hoffman dreadnought just arrived.

  • Superb Weber sage octave mandolin just in.

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