Monthly Archives: September 2010

  • The wonderful Weber Bitterroot F5 is back in stock..

  • Used Eastman 905 blonde 2 point mandolin just arrived.

  • Fylde Touchstone mandolin just arrived. Its in excellent condition and £160 less than the new price AND comes with a fiberglass case worth £100!!!

  • Excellent condition used Collings OM2H just arrived.

  • Another fine mandocello by Rosta Capek makes the total cellos in stock five!

  • Beautiful blue Rigel A+ Deluxe just arrived.

  • The third addition today is my Smart 'Comma' I will be sad to see it go but sometimes needs must.

  • Used Fylde Eric Bib Signature model just arrived.

  • Al Beardsell's amazing A6 mandolin is here. Its a radical design with sound holes along the side, as featured in the summer edition of The Fretboard Journal, and mentioned on the Mandolin Cafe homepage.

  • With the arrival of the incredible Weber Yellowstone F mandocello I now have four mandocellos in stock! Come and check out these amazing beasts. Also back in stock from Bruce’s small team of dedicated and skilful crafts folk are the great value Gallatin A5 and F5. In the used department the ‘Bengal Tiger’ Bitterroot F5 custom is as much mandolin as you will find for (a tad) under two grand, and as good as many for a lot more.

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