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  • 2002 Martin HD-35 just arrived. At £1499 with a Fishman Rare Earth Humbucker pickup its a great deal. Take a look....

  • Progress is being made on my new sound-clip set-up. Mandolin and guitar jukeboxes are now available on the central menu. All sound-clips will soon be available from the instrument pages as wav and mp3 files. The mp3 files are lower quality but much easier to download.

  • Two remarkable guitar bodied mandolins just arrived from Michael Lewis.

  • The amazing value Weber Gallatin F5 is back in stock. This one has a very beautiful wide quilt maple back.

  • Used Fylde Archtop Cittern and Rigel A natural just arrived and on the website.

  • Charlie Hoffman C12 has just arrived and been websited. I have rarely played a more playable and versatile guitar.

  • Two new arrivals from the fine folks at Weber. The Bitterroot F5 is - in my opinion - one of the best value F5s in town. I also have a Hyalite mandola, its deep and resonant and also a great price.

  • Say aloha to the Aloha Koa...  Mike Baranik's latest Retreaux Parlour is here and its is truly wonderful.. I am tempted to keep it as a companion to mine (you've got to have one for each tuning haven't you?).

  • Fantastic used Petroes GC in Adirondack and Macassar ebony just arrived.

  • Another mind boggling F5 has arrived from Tom Ellis. Workmanship tone and looks, its has it all!

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