Monthly Archives: July 2010

  • Used Lebeda A4 just arrived.  Its a lot of mandolin for a grand.. won't be here long.

  • Two five string electric mandoblasters just arrived. Now available in red, chrome and blue, as are the four string versions.

    Bovier electric mandolins are on the way but by post.. so who knows when they will arrive.

  • Two magnificent mandolas just arrived from the amazing Mr Bill Bussmann, also known as Old Wave...

  • Monday 10 July we will be closed (as opposed to closed but with someone about as is the usual case). I will be away, back Friday. Ed, my technician will keep the shop open Tues - Thurs.

  • Re newsletter announcement, photos of my Baranik Retreaux are up. Its fantastic!

  • Three beautiful Bourgeois OMs just arrived, Country Boy, Vintage and DB sig.

  • Two octave mandolins have arrived from Bill Bussmann aka Old Wave Mandolins, including the bass monster GOM (guitar bodied octave mandolin).

    From Bruce Weber Gallatin A4 and A5 are back in stock, as is a custom Bitterroot F5. The long awaited Custom Elite A, son of Black Beauty is also here.

  • Used Taylor GC7 just arrived and on the website.

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