Q: How can guitars and mandolins be worth so much?

A: There are many answers to this question.

  • Our guitars and mandolins are among the best available today. If you have never played or heard an instrument of this quality you will be in for a surprise. If you have been told they don’t get any better than ****** come and hear for yourself.

  • There aren't many interests where you can achieve this level of perfection at these prices and own something that will not depreciate in value over time- indeed may gain value - and be so inexpensive to maintain. For example, I used to be a motorcyclist, £5000 doesn't buy much of a bike, in 10 years it will be worth nothing and will have cost a lot to maintain. There are many examples of musical instruments where from around £2000 you couldn't get a professional quality instrument, violins, pianos, flutes...

  • They are made by small workshops and individual master craftsmen with many decades of experience honing their art. One instrument can take over a month to make. Each instrument is individually made, even the same model in the same woods by the same luthier will be made slightly differently each time to allow for variations in the materials. The ‘famous names’ make around 500 instruments per day, therefore this level of skill and attention to detail on each instrument is not possible.

  • The woods and other materials are the best available.

  • They are works of art.

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