Q. Will you hold instruments?

A. Yes but only with a 20% non-refundable and non transferable deposit. People often ask why I won't hold for a few days without a deposit.

This is because if I hold instruments when you arrive there may be one or more guitar or mandolin on hold making it difficult for you. Also I have previously lost sales because I have declined to sell an instrument that is on hold, then the holder doesn't buy it. When this happens I lose a sale. In the past when I have held an instrument the customer has always bought something else when they arrive.

Deposits are not refundable, there is no point in taking the deposit in the first place if it can be refunded, it would be the same as holding without a deposit. Most of my instruments cannot simply be re-ordered from a distributor and delivered in few days, therefore if I lose a sale it is a sale lost. The person I refuse the sale to might have bought something else, somewhere else in the mean time or not be willing to wait for the next one to arrive (when a replacement is possible).

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