Q. How do your prices compare with buying in the USA or on the web?

A. If you import, by the time you have paid all the costs (VAT, duty, shipping, customs handling and a commission on the exchange rate etc.,) there should be little or no difference in price, it could work out a few £s more or less.

Smuggling or under-declaration of value is not advised, penalties are confiscation, a fine and a criminal record. The Customs folks can use the internet and are wise to new instruments in old cases etc.! I recently heard of someone bringing in a Taylor, the customs officer had a catalogue and price list under the counter!! Under-declaration of value also means that you can't insure. If you make a claim the insurer will investigate the true value and value declared to customs. If they don't reconcile they will deem it to be an illegal import and refuse any payment, they have also been known to report to customs.

ALSO if you buy in the USA (actually or on the web) in the event of a warranty claim you will have to pay shipping both ways (US warranty law is that the owner pays shipping costs to the maker and back), I cannot help with warranties for instruments not bought from me. If you buy from TAMCO and have a warranty problem I will take care of ALL costs.

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