Q: Do you sell overseas? What are the shipping rates and tax implications?

A. My international shipping rates are on this website, go to the homepage central menu, Delivery. There are no tax issues for countries in the European Union, all taxes are paid, you have nothing to pay.

Sales Tax (VAT), people resident outside the European Union do not have to pay Value Added Tax (VAT, a sales tax) this is added at 20% which means you can deduct 16.7% from our price that is shown including VAT. If I am sending an instrument to your address outside the EU I will charge you the price without VAT, e.g. if an instrument is £1000 you will pay £833. For used instruments there is no VAT. If you buy in my shop you will have to pay the full amount initially. I will give you a form to take to customs when you leave the UK. They stamp it and when you return it to me I will refund the tax to you.

I am not able to be aware of import taxes in all countries, you will need to check with your own authorities if you are not sure.

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