Hand made mandolins from £2000

Pete Langdell (see picture) has reinvented the wheel, or the mandolin to be more precise! There was a lot of resistance to his ideas at first but these mandolins speak for themselves, enough to impress the likes of Chris Thile and Radim Zenkle. So what’s so different? Apart from the innovative body shape designs, the sides are not a strip of wood bent round but carved from a solid block. This means that the back and neck can be attached and the top clamped in place then the instrument strung up and played. The top can be removed as many times as desired to be voiced to the required sound. And believe me Peter can carve the top and braces to recreate an amazing range of sounds.

Since 2007 Pete has worked alone making limited numbers of Rigel mandolins.

  1. Rigel G110 Resophonic (used)

    Rigel G110 Resophonic (used)

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    Wha d' y say about this! There are not many of these around, grab it while you can! It's in as new condition, it's loud and resophonicy!! It's a tough business describing sound (awwww poor me). I'm not even going to try with this one. With case.

    Rigel G110 Resophonic (used)Rigel G110 Resophonic (used)Rigel G110 Resophonic (used)

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