Fletcher Brock
Sole luthier mandolins from £4000

Originally from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Fletcher Brock grew up in an artistic and musical environment. After high school, he moved to Providence, RI and took a job as an apprentice to luthier Michael Allison. It was during this time that Fletcher's passion for acoustic instruments began. It was while working with Michael that he built and sold his first mandolin, a copy of a Martin ”A” model. In 1979 Fletcher relocated to the west coast where he perused various forms of fine woodworking from restoring classic wooden yachts to building furniture and architectural interiors along with continuing his work as a luthier, building a limited number of instruments.

He now resides in Seattle, WA where he lives with his wife and cat on a vintage 35’ English cutter. The shop is just down the dock and up three flights of stairs in the former sail loft and lofting area of the historic Jensen Motor Boat Company. It has been a working yard since 1927 and is famous for designing the Slomo hydroplanes that dominated Gold Cup during the 1950’s. Surrounded by the water that he loves and in this wonderful historic environment is where Fletcher makes his individually crafted instruments today.

Having spent the better part of his life playing many of these instruments, and as a luthier/musician Fletcher has gained great insight into sound, playability and durable construction techniques. With 25 years of on stage testing and an abundance of valuable feedback from all types of players his instruments are the culmination of years of refinements and continued learning. The music they produce continue to inspire Fletcher's career today both as a luthier and musician.

I have heard it said that Fletcher doesn’t do a lot to get attention paid to his instruments, he doesn’t participate much on discussion boards or take his mandolins to festivals. Whilst I have known about him for years he isn’t the best known of the top flight American mandolin luthiers. Our first two mandolins from him are (as I expected) up there with the best.

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