Jimmy Caldwell Guitars

Jimmy Caldwell Guitars

I met Jimmy at the 2015 Memphis Guitar Festival, I was captivated by his beautiful work and the richness of tone. I just had to have him on board.

In Jimmy's own words.

My fascination with guitars began in 1970 when I purchased my first 6 string guitar. In 1977 I joined a little known luthiers group called the GAL (Guild of American Luthiers). I, like most people at that time had no idea that there were individuals building guitars largely by hand in small shops and basements. I thought that guitars were all made by Martin, Fender, or Gibson in a factory somewhere. I read every GAL Quarterly for a couple of years and I was hooked. Thus began my initial foray into guitar building in 1979.

I began by building guitars based on the only books available at the time by David Russell Young and later, Bill Cumpiano. Both of these books had some good information albeit a few quirky methodologies. I built quite a number of guitars based on these books early in my Lutherie career and I learned a lot. With the Internet came a flood of information on building techniques, material availabilty, and specific knowledge on guitar building that previously was unavailable. Over the last few years my focus has turned to building vintage inspired guitars. Meticulous attention to detail is reflected in all my guitars and period correct trim levels and techniques are strictly adhered to.

My goal is to build guitars today that honor the craftsmanship of the past while meeting the demands of the modern player.

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