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  1. Gibson F4 1915 Mandolin (used)

    Gibson F4 1915 Mandolin (used)

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    1915 Gibson F4 with the wonderful Handel tuners. Red sunburst finish, bound 2-point body, carved spruce top, oval soundhole, triple ring rosette, fantastic one piece flamed maple back and sides, bridge (with later insert instead of the individual pieces) and later bone nut (the original pearl nut is in the case), original tailpiece and cover, pickguard and clamp and case.

    This one is in very fine condition with no issues whatsoever, ready and willing to go on for another century or two. It has the typical teens Gibson oval hole tone with very deep and rich bass notes, warm and full mids and clear/ringing trebles.. magic. And with the current pound/dollar exchange rate it is at a very good price.


  2. Gibson Ajr Snakehead 1923 (used)

    Gibson Ajr Snakehead 1923 (used)

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    The legendary snakehead, made during the tenure on Mr Lloyd Loar. Known for an oval hole sound with cut and volume this is a fine example with strong and deep oval hole sound and great volume but with more clarity and projection than other oval hole mandolins.

    Original tuners, tailpiece and compensated bridge, old case.

    Gibson Ajr Snakehead 1923 (used)Gibson Ajr Snakehead 1923 (used)Gibson Ajr Snakehead 1923 (used)

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