Acoustic guitar and mandolin questions 

                Q: Do you take used guitars and mandolins in part exchange/trade?

                            Q: How do you value them?

                Q: Do you sell on consignment/commission?

                Q: Are all your instruments set-up?

                Q: How much do I have to pay for a good mandolin?

                Q: Do you do repairs?

                Q: Do you stock left-handed guitars and mandolins?

                Q: Can you get American guitars in Brazilian rosewood (Dalbergia nigra)? Do you trade in BRW UK made guitars?

                Q: How is the playability of this instrument?

                Q: I am a newcomer to mandolins, is there anything I should know about mandolin set-up?

Questions about prices and customer service.

                Q: How can guitars and mandolins be worth so much?

                Q: I am not good enough to own such and instrument, it won’t make me play any better..

                Q: What is your ‘best’ price?

                Q: How do your prices compare with buying in the USA or on the web?

                Q: Why didn’t I get an answer to my email?

                Q: Why do you sometimes answer an email enquiry by suggesting the sender phones?

                Q: What do your prices include?

                Q: Do you sell overseas? What are the shipping rates and tax implications?

                Q: Will you hold instruments?

Questions about our website.

                Q: Is all your stock on the website?

                Q: How accurate are your sound descriptions?

                Q: Are all the pictures on your website of the actual instrument?

                Q: You seem to rave about every instrument on your website???

                Q: When is a good time to visit?

                Q: How are the instrument photographs taken?

                Q: What is your payment security?