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Mandolin specialist The Acoustic Music Company (TAMCO) in Brighton UK, was established by me, Trevor Moyle, in 2001.

I offer the world's finest mandolins, mostly from the USA and Canada. I work closely with them, if you have a question about an instrument I will talk with the luthier that makes it. TAMCO is my passion and I hope my love of fine mandolins is evident in everything I do. 

I share part of the magic that is contemporary luthiery and offer you the prices that you would get importing yourself (and a UK based warranty with no need to return instrument to the USA for warranty work at your cost) and the opportunity to try out a selection of incredible instruments. 

TAMCO has one of the biggest collections of fine mandolins in the world today, from mid-range instruments to the work of world class luthiers such as Mike Kemnitzer (Nugget mandolins), Michael Heiden and Hans Brentrup. 

I focus on keeping the store small, intimate and personal. I am not aiming for world domination, don’t expect to see TAMCO branches at your local shopping mall.

There is a dedicated acoustically neutral playing room; plan to be here for hours, or days!

You can buy, trade or part exchange and we take instruments on consignment. We have a part time tech who can set up your purchase to your requirements.

The instruments that we carry are in many different sizes, mandolin sizes F-style, A-style, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, F1, F2, F3, F4, H1, H2, H3, H4, mandolin, mandola, mandocello, mandobass, bouzouki. All instruments come with a case.

The terms bespoke, boutique and custom shop are much used these days. Our luthiers and instruments certainly fit those categories. Some visitors merely appreciate the art that is evident in handmade instruments and the work on display is often described as mandolin porn!

I am confident that you will find an instrument that caters for your tastes, style and needs. Musicians from around the world have bought from TAMCO. Their musical styles have included: bluegrass, country, folk, flat picking, Celtic music. Many of them have been mandolin teachers, collectors and some are purchasing a gift or present for a loved one.

We don’t sell accessories other than D'Addario strings and K&K pickups.

As for our location, Brighton is a great city! There are many restaurants and hotels nearby (including lots of independent hotels and bed and breakfasts in The New Steine and Madeira Place, both just around the corner), the sea-front is 100 yards away, the town centre is 5 minutes walk, the station 15 minutes. We are 50 minutes from London Victoria Station and half an hour from Gatwick Airport. Brighton has one of the biggest choices of independent retailers in the UK as well as many other attractions (the beach among others) to entertain those in tow... For hotels and other information about Brighton visit 


Playing Room

Trevor Moyle

Trevor says "The Acoustic Music Company is an expression of my failings as a musician and craftsman. I get to be surrounded by great music and awe inspiring instruments"


Way back at the beginning of the new millennium TAMCO was a pioneer in stocking a comprehensive range of mandolins. 

In the beginning….  I set out to have a range of mandolins unrivalled in Europe. Due to my obsessive nature this soon became one of the biggest in the world, with over 100 mandolins in stock, many more than some of the most famous US shops. More recently I have started to represent some of the world’s finest mandolin luthiers.

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