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  • Rigel G110 Resophonic – USED.


    Wha d' y say about this! There are not many of these around, grab it while you can! It's in as new condition, it's loud and resophonicy!! It's a tough business describing sound (awwww poor me). I'm not even going to try with this one. With case.

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  • Northfield F2S sunburst.

    Northfield has gained a fantastic reputation over the last few years.

    The amazing AIRLOOM case included, this would normally add £250.

    Tone-wise it is identical to the amber F2S that sold the day after it arrived so I will use the same words. "It has the beautiful rich and deep tones you would want from an oval hole mandolin and great clarity and definition (thanks in part to the Adirondack top) so you have a very full tone and great note separation making it fantastic for most styles of playing, folk, classical and old time (it even has a decent chop for the bluegrassers). It plays very easily and has plenty of volume, responding extremely well to a light touch or a heavier pick.


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  • Pava A5 sunburst satin.

    This beauty has absolutely incredible tone! Its one of the best sounding mandolins I've ever played. It has remarkable volume and achieves that rare feat of having fantastic depth and resonance at the same time as clarity and cut (bluegrass players please note, the chop is outstanding).

    No question here of what styles of playing it is suitable for, it will do everything from quiet and gentle to loud and aggressive.


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  • Old Wave Mandola.

    Musser Colorado Engelmann spruce top (1997) with red spruce x bracing, orcas island tonewoods (2002) curly maple sides/ neck/ 2pc back, 16" scale,  16"radius macassar ebony fretboard, bridge, and peghead veneer ivoroid binding, abalone position dots, rosette. and wave inlay, 1 5/16" bison bone nut, Grover tuners, cremonesque lacquer finish over fresh shellac sealer, D'Addario J72 strings, Ameritage custom hardshell case.

    Lots of that fantastic deep and luscious tone, with deep bases, rich mids and clear trebles.

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  • Collings MT with gloss top.

    This beauty has the renowned Collings f hole sound, its very powerful with great chop and cut and a deep and warm resonant  sound, only the best mandolins have both. It responds fantastically to a hard pick or the lightest touch, sweet and mellow or a bluegrass cannon, take your pick (pun intended).


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  • Collings Waterloo Stella Deluxe.

    The new WL-S Deluxe possesses a richness, dimensionality, and warmth that must be heard to be believed. Inspired by ornately appointed Stella guitars from the 1930’s, the WL-S features intricate wood purflings and custom acrylic inlays for an appearance to match its detailed tone. A hand rubbed varnish finish completes the WL-S both aesthetically and tonally, with a beautiful vintage patina and acoustical excitability that brings out the nuances of this ladder braced design. A solid cherry wood back and sides further enhance the unique character of this guitar, providing exceptional balance and articulation.


    All WL-S models feature a vintage correct “Soft-V” neck profile with a carbon fiber T-Bar, a slotted headstock, and a pyramid bridge with a cutthrough saddle. Hardshell TKL case included.


    All Waterloo models are handmade in Austin, Texas.

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  • Collings MT Mandola with black gloss top ivoroid binding.

    All the depth and warmth you would expect from a great mandola but with the legendary Collings definition and projection. Yes you can have it all, resonance and clarity in one package.


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  • Fay Model one Adirondack and black and white ebony.

    Guitars don’t get any better than this. With impeccable workmanship and detailing it has great presence and playability, with amazing balance from the lowest to the highest notes. Fantastic and well defined bass notes, rich and complex mids and clear trebles. A very versatile guitar, it is great for all styles from flatpicking and strumming to fingerstyle, it will handle it all.


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