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  • Weber Yellowstone A4 Octave Mandolin: A style, oval hole.

    A beautiful octave mandolin from the Weber team. In the gorgeous honey and tortoise finish with Adirondack/red spruce top,  ebony radiussed fretboard, ebony traditional Brekke bridge, it has a  20" scale and 1 15/32" nut width. It's a dream to play with incredible deep and warm basses, rich and sweet mids and clear/well defined trebles. With hard case.


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  • Ratliff R5 USED. £1350.

    A beautiful F5 from Audey in spruce and gorgeous flamed maple, ebony fretboard, ebony bridge, beautiful mother of pearl headstock inlay and logo, engraved tailpiece and custom Calton case. With McIntyre feather pickup. In good condition with some cracking on the point.


    It plays like a dream with a very earthy tone, full and rich with great clarity, great chops and enough volume for you know what.... A fantastic bluegrass cannon and all-rounder.


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  • Weber Bitterroot A5 Octave Mandolin: A style, f holes.

    Fantastic rich and full sounding octave mandolin with 20" scale making it very easy to play. It has great resonance and warmth and depth of tone with excellent definition and projection from the lowest to highest notes.

    A5 style octave mandolin with hand graduated spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides. 20" scale length and 1 3/8" nut with a traditional Brekke bridge (adjustable under tension). The top is bound, the fretboard is radiussed and bound ebony and it has a solid/cast stainless steel tailpiece, dual action truss rod, Grover tuners, Celtic knot and 'Weber' headstock design and a custom hard case.


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  • Martin Ditson Dreadnaught III 2007. £2395.

    Based on the original dreadnoughts Martin made for Ditson.

    This is a fantastic mahogany and Adirondack dreadnought, it has power, separation and definition, a fantastic picker.

    Its in excellent condition.


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  • Weber Yellowstone A4 Mandocello: A style, oval hole.


    Awesome! This is one of finest mandocellos I have played. The late Stan Jay famously described the mandocello sound as being like a deep growl from the jungle. This one is coming from somewhere much deeper, the very bowels of the earth. But unlike some cellos it doesn’t lack clarity and definition, it has it all, and it looks incredible. A mandocello for the connoisseur.

    It features a hand graduated and tuned solid spruce top, flamed maple back and sides, ivoroid bound ebony with black/ivoroid side accent lines headstock veneer, ‘The Weber’ script and MoP white and gold headstock inlay, ebony fretboard and traditional Brekke bridge. It has a 24 3/4” scale length and 1 5/8”nut width, dual action adjustable truss rod, cast Weber tailpiece, Grover tuners and a deluxe hard case.


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  • Martin D-28CW Clarence White 2005. £1750.

    2005 D-28CW Clarence White in very good condition with a few dings (too small to photograph) and an old and stable neck repair (see photo). It has all the power and depth of tone you would expect from a classic rosewood Martin dread and with an Adirondack top you have that extra power, definition and projection. And needless to say, endless headroom. With Martin hard case, a bit tatty with one broken catch but fully serviceable.


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  • From Simon Fay.

    The finish process has begun. The guitar has been pore-filled and a sealer has been applied along with the first polyester coat. A second coat is applied and then the finish will be leveled and buffed to a high gloss. The resulting finish is around 0.002” on the soundboard. The benefits of polyester are that the finish does not continue to shrink over time — so no sinking around purfling, rosette, or glue lines. The polyester is also impervious to solvents, cold checking, and incredibly scratch resistant.



  • My latest newsletter is out.

  • The Somogyi rosettes.


  • The Buendia modified dreadnought is nearly finished now.

    IMG_2773 s

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