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    "When we posted on Facebook recently to say that we had special news (about demoing our guitars in Chippenham) we had a number of messages hoping that it was a sale. You'll know by now that it wasn't BUT we have listened to you. We know how much you love great value. So here's what we'll do for you.

    The Fabulous Five

    We currently have in our website dusty corner The Fabulous Five, great guitars that simply haven't found a good home. We will immediately knock 20% off each of these wonderful instruments.

    Even better though, we'll reduce 'one' of them by 30%. That additional discount will go to the person who posts the funniest comment on our Facebook page explaining why they deserve a whopping 30% off. Your comment could be worth up to £1,350.

    The Magnificent Seven

    BUT! we hear you cry, what if I don't fancy any of The Fabulous Five. Well, we are able to expand the sale to seven guitars. We already have two additional guitars in mind BUT you may be able to influence our decision by posting a comment. Tell us which guitar(s) you'd like added to the sale; once again humour will count.

    Yes, we know it's a madcap offer but it's our way of giving something back because we've had a great 2018 so far. "


  • Pavlu has a new home


  • This Saturday 21st April 2018

    On Saturday at 9.00 am GMT we'll announce details of a special and very quirky offer on a handful of wonderful guitars....



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  • A Walk Down Memory Lane - Feb' 2013 - Kent Chasson

    Our current stock of Ken'ts guitars can be found here:



  • Bitterroot is a beaut'!



  • Gallatin just in...ooh such poetry!



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