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    Important news (no we’re not opening a new shop!)

    Brighton is a fantastic city and we love being based here. It’s been our home for 17 years and it will remain so for good.

    We do appreciate, however, that there are prospective customers who are unable to make the trip to the South coast; it can be quite a trek.

    We are therefore pleased to announce that our social media guru Steve, who is based just off the M4 in Chippenham, has offered to allow customers to try out the instrument they’re interest in, at his place or close to him.

    Whilst still not perfect for the top of the UK or overseas customers, it is at least more central than Brighton and within 30 minutes of the M5/Bristol….you could even fly into Bristol….Steve might even meet you there!

    If you are interested in taking up this unique opportunity, please contact TAMCO and we’ll hook you up with Steve so that you can discuss suitable arrangements. Steve will make himself available a couple of weekends each month and a couple of evenings each week.



    P.S. He plays a bit of guitar himself which is useful if you want to hear the guitar from a listener’s perspective.

    P.P.S. This is him and yes, he is a shady character.BANKSY

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