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    If you had to have just one acoustic guitar - perish the thought! - this is arguably the perfect choice.

    Kwasnycia - size OOO

    12 fret - bridge right in the sweet spot

    Cutaway - easy access to the upper frets

    Claro Walnut back & sides - warmth, clarity, punch, volume, dymanics, sparkle

    I am privileged to own a Claro Walnut Petros FS which is a very similar body size to this Kwasnycia.

    It's my perfect guitar. The Kwasnycia could be yours.....

  • New video - Brondel B2 Essential in Cocobolo

  • Sizzling Sunburst


  • Beautiful Backs


  • Ravishing Rosettes


  • We thought we'd punctuate your day with a Smart Comma

    We thought we'd punctuate your day with a Smart Comma. See what we did there?


  • Pick up the fern and buy this Weber

    We don't know Weber you read these posts or not but this is a brilliant instrument. See what we did there?


  • A blog that ex-CITES

    Shhh we know that a bulletin from us ex-CITES but we have a handful of rosewood guitars in stock. Come and grab one.

    Do you see what we did there?


  • A tip-top Tippin

    Madagascar rosewood + Sitka Spruce + Bill Tippin + OM = a stonking all-rounder


  • OMG for an OM

    I've spent a lot of time with this guitar and it is sublime.

    The rosette is out of this world.


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