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  • 1912 Gibson F4.

    1912 Gibson F4 with the wonderful Handel tuners. Red sunburst finish, bound 2-point body, carved spruce top, oval soundhole, triple ring rosette, fantastic flamed maple back and sides, later, adjustable ebony bridge, original tailpiece and cover and original case.

    This is a LOUD one and with mojo a plenty, similar to the one I sold to Peggy of the Fairports (see above). It has the classic F4 teens sound with amazing depth and resonance and lots of that full and warm tone. All present an correct, no issues. It plays beautifully all the way up the neck with low action.


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  • Gibson A4 1926.

    The immediately post Loar Gibson As are very much sought after. This beauty is in great shape. It is all original, tuners, bridge tailpiece and cover , no pickguard. It comes with the original case and the coveted truss-rod.

    Fantastic rich and full tone with great volume, well defined basses, warm mids and bright trebles, it also plays beautifully.


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  • Eastman 314 F style oval hole.

    Free UK mainland delivery. £695.

    The usual Eastman build quality and tone but with a satin finish, pressed tailpiece and a gigbag.

    Unbelievable value, solid spruce, hand carved top, solid maple (hand carved) back and sides, and pressed tailpiece, unbound back. Great oval hole tone with good resonance and deep basses, warm mids and clear trebles.


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  • Pava A4 Player oval hole.

    It is great news that Pava has turned her hand to oval hole mandolins. This is an incredible A4 with the  depth and warmth you would expect from Tom Ellis' stable. It also has great volume with fantastic clarity and projection so you get the resonance of an A4 with the power of an A5. It responds equally well to a gentle caress and a 3mm pick with a heavy hand, deep, rich and resonant tones with some oooomph if you need it. Awesome!


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  • Some more photos from Simon Fay.

  • Leo Buendia build.

    I am looking forward to this one. Modified Dreadnought in Swiss spruce and fiddleback mahogany.

    AGF thread here.



  • Docherty 'Tweed' Bouzouki 1997.

    Excellent condition Terry Docherty 'Tweed' Bouzouki in spruce and rosewood made in 1997, 25" scale, hard case.

    Nice full and rich/resonant tone with great volume and projection.

    Used mandolins, click here.



  • Givens A3 1989.

    Bob (R.L.) Givens made mandolins from 1962 to 1992 and sadly died in 1994. This is serial number 501, finished on the 3rd December 1989. Legendary for their tone and playability and made during a time that a well known mandolin maker was making what a better known mandolin commentator than myself described as 'acoustically challenged' mandolins. Givens mandolins are highly collectable, though those that knew him say he would have preferred them to be played than bought as an investment. You can see an appreciation of Bob Givens at <a href="" TARGET="_blank"></a> For once we have a legend that is not a myth, this is one of the best sounding mandolins I have ever heard. Bob hand-made over 600 mandolins, if he had made less the prices of these gems would be through the roof. It is very loud, a chop chord brings the wall down, but also responds to the lightest touch. Very deep warm bass, rich honey soaked mids and clear cutting trebles, it seems to do what ever you want! This really is a phenomenal mandolin. A few dings and scratches on the top but otherwise excellent condition with fiberglass case..

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  • Old and new Sheraton brown.


  • Brentrup A4 Model 20 Adirondack/Red spruce/sugar maple USED.

    Originally sold by me and showing some of Hans' typical crazed varnish (maybe the thin varnish is why they sound so good?).

    Since Han's sadly had to stop making mandolins due poor health this is a rare opportunity to get a Brentrup mandolin at a great price.

    Mandolins don't come much classier than this. All Hans'  mandolins have immaculate and very stylish finishing. The std models have tortoise bindings on a dark sunburst, nothing flash here just simple beautiful lines complimented with a James tailpiece and a sculpted rosewood pickguard. Hans chose sugar maple to compliment the red spruce/Adirondack top to achieve an incredible balance between cut and pop and depth and resonance of tone. Basses are strong, the mid range is  rich and complex and the trebles are clear and bright, this is a fantastically versatile mandolin by one of today's great mandolin builders.


    Used mandolins, click here.


    mv_bre_0003 copymv_bre_0003_front copymv_bre_0003_back copymv_bre_0003_backclose copy

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