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  • Ellis A4 deluxe.

    Adirondack top, flamed sugar maple back and sides, triple bound top, back and pickguard, ebony fretboard, ebony bridge, engraved James tailpiece, abalone headstock inlay and a TKL case.


    The legendary Tom Ellis tone is here in bucket-loads. It has a beautiful rich tone with deep and well defined bass notes, full and warm mids and clear, ringing trebles. It responds willingly to the lightest touch with a depth and richness that is truly remarkable.


    Ellis mandolins, click here.



  • de Jonge OM sitka/rosewood. £3995.

    Fantastic rosewood OM from Sergei. It sounds very rich and full with great balance and clarity, its very responsive and a joy to play.

    In excellent condition. Good action but not much left on the saddle. The new price was £5395.


    Used guitars, click here.


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  • Lebeda F4 master model 2004.

    This 2004 Lebeda F4 master model has aged woods, bone corners, abalone rosette and headstock inlay. It has a remarkably rich and complex tone, deep barking basses and clear ringing trebles with great balance across the range. In excellent condition with the original case.


    Used mandolins, click here.



  • Northfield Big Mon F5 USED 2016.

    A very rare opportunity to get a used big Mon in excellent condition. Save £1000 on the new price.

    The Northfield Big Mon has been creating quite a stir. It has a big fat tone with fantastic volume and projection. Created as the ideal bluegrass hoss (or cannon if you prefer) it has great depth and richness of tone to take on pretty well any style, with great responsiveness from the lightest touch to the heaviest attack with a thick pick.

    From the Northfield website. "Our "Big Mon" Mandolin is something we created in our shop. In an effort to try and create a little more mid range and bass response, with a nice airy sound, we developed this model to have a distinct voice. Here's what we did..

    The "Big Mon" body style is just slightly different than the standard size. We've increased the width of the body, at its widest point, by 5mm. We've also adjusted the depth/width of the sides a little in a few places. Everything is in proportion to this change, so it results in a slightly larger body overall. It's not very noticeable unless you compare it directly to another standard size by lining them up back to back."


    Northfield mandolins, click here.


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  • Ervin Somogyi builds.

    I have two guitars under way from Ervin Somogyi. An OM and an OO both in European spruce and African blackwood.
    First the OM.
  • Phoenix Select.

    Another superlative Phoenix mandolin. Phoenix mandolins are always very light and responsive, you can feel them resonating as you get them out of the case!


    This beauty has a very full tone with fantastic volume and complexity. It has plenty of oomph for the bluegrass players with a deep and full, loud chop and responds excellently to the heaviest pick or the lightest touch. It barks or sings sweetly, doing whatever you ask of it. A very versatile and wonderful mandolin.


    Red (Adirondack) spruce top, red maple back and sides and a Hiscox case.


    Phoenix mandolins, click here.



  • Weber Hyalite mandola USED.

    Logan, Montana built Hyalite mandola signed by Bruce Weber with case in great condition with one light ding on the top, treble side, see photos. It has lots of that wonderful dark mandola tone, rich and full with great depth and resonance. With McIntyre Feather pickup installed here at TAMCO.


    Used mandolins, click here.



  • Brook Torridge spruce/rosewood USED.

    Excellent condition mahogany Torridge. Save £555 on the new price.


    Great clarity from the sitka top and the warm tones of mahogany make this a very responsive and versatile guitar, great for fingerstyle.


    Used guitars, click here.



  • My latest newsletter is out.

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  • Gibson A1 1921.

    1921 Sheraton brown A1 in excellent condition with original tuners, bridge with aluminium saddle, Pickguard and clamp, tailpiece and old case.


    Lots of that full old Gibson sound with great volume and projection.


    Used mandolins, click here.


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