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  • Collings OM2G-Sunburst Used.

    Wow! This really is a guitar for everyone. Collings impeccable workmanship and great tone, it has remarkable balance from the lowest bass notes to the highest trebles. With a fantastic combination of richness and depth of tone and great clarity this is a very versatile guitar, great for everything fro strumming to sensitive fingerstyle.

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  • Martin 5-17T Tenor Guitar 1932. £2295.

    Wonderful Martin 5-17T Tenor Guitar 1932. All original with banjo tuners and 'Earl Mead's Hawaiian’s' case.

    It arrived with CGDA tuning (the same as a mandola) but to me it sounded much better with a new set of strings in GDAE (octave mandolin) tuning. It has a very loud and full tone with lots of warmth and depth.

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  • Martin O17T Tenor Guitar 1933. £2595.

    Fantastic 1933 Martin O17T. All original including banjo tuners and original case.

    It came in tuned CGDA but I have re-strung and re-tuned it to GDAE which seems to be its natural home with a very strong and full tone and great projection.

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  • Marty Jacobson Nuatilus.

    I am delighted to be getting my first mandolin from Marty Jacobson soon.


    MG_7611 MG_7687

  • Clark A5 Varnish USED £2995.

    This hand rubbed varnish finished A5v from Austin has everything you could want. Its loud when you want it to be and soft and mellow when desired. Fantastic chop and pop with wonderful depth of tone and resonance, Great for bluegrass but much much more. A new one from Austin would be well over £5000.

    French polished varnish finish, radius fretboard, Schaller tuning machines, bone nut, Cumberland Acoustics Bridge, Engraved Silver James tailpiece. Carbon fiber reinforced neck, Red Spruce top and Red Maple back, bound in ivoroid with black and white side purfling.

    It has some marks on the top, see photos, nothing deep or affecting it in any way.

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  • Collings MT2 Used. £2995.

    In excellent condition. The price of a new MT2 is £3795. Save £800.

    Fantastic and gorgeous MT2 with one peice back and gold hardware upgrades.It has a very clear sound with great depth, balance and one of the loudest chops I've heard. It has that amazing combination of warmth/resonance and projection that Collings consistently achieve, great for bluegrass and almost anything else.

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  • Duane Noble harp guitar USED.

    If you haven't heard a harp guitar you should check out Stephen Bennett.
    Stephen Bennet harp guitar virtuoso.
    This really is incredible with a fantastic guitar tone and those wonderful rich and melodious harp strings.

    The harp strings are currently tuned E G A C D E, low to high.

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    hh hh brh b

  • Gibson F4 1920 blackface.

    1920 Gibson F4 in amazing condition. Black top finish, bound 2-point body, carved spruce top, triple ring rosette, fantastic one peice flamed maple back and sides, later adjustable bridge, original tailpiece and cover and original case.

    This is a sweet one with a very rich and full tone and plenty of volume, big, fat bass notes with great definition and warm and complex mids and very clear trebles. All present and correct, no issues. It plays beautifully all the way up the neck with low action.

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    fbc2hc sc

  • Phoenix Bluegrass Used.

    Rolf says about his Bluegrass model;

    Designed for the special bluegrass sound with medium-heavy to heavy strings. Professionals describe this model as having a "cutting chop and superb bass," "great playability," "doesn't seem stiff or hard to play," "perfect balance between strings," and they remark on the added volume and clarity on the E-string, especially in the studio for recordings. Some players use the increased playability to make chop chords on the 12th-14th frets.

    If you a looking for a powerful bluegrass mandolin look no further but don't discount it for other styles, this is a very versatile mandolin, light and responsive to all playing styles.

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    bg f copybg hc copybg b copybg d copy

  • 1920 Gibson Style O due soon.


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