PEOPLE - This is Ed

It's about time we introduced the TAMCO team....all 2 of them!

This is Ed Murphy. You can clearly see that he is NOT the American comedic actor.

Ed likes working with wood. He is an extremely talented luthier and studied with the wonderful Sergei de Jonge.

If or when you purchase an instrument from TAMCO, it is Ed who sprinkles the fairy dust to ensure that the instrument is set up to your requirements.

Ed likes coffee.

Ed also likes the lady in the second photo very much, which is a relief, as she is his partner.

When you meet Ed you'll find that he is very personable and chilled out.

He can be found running the shop most Tuesdays and some other days too. He is not averse to setting up or repairing non-TAMCO instruments for a very reasonable fee.

You will like Ed. We do!