Q. What is your ‘best’ price?

A. The 'best price' isn't always the best deal. I give ongoing free set-ups to all customers who have bought their instruments here, and continuing good service.

My best price is what you see. I set a fair price in the first place and don’t mark up in order to be able to give a discount. To put it another way the price I put up is my best price, you don't have to bargain to get it, the bargaining is already done. I am not a ‘box shifter’ (comes in a box, leaves in the same box without it having been opened). All instruments are fully checked and set up. Occasionally if I have had an instrument in stock for a long time or am discontinuing that model or line a small discount might be available. Reduced instruments are in the 'Dusty Corner' its on the central menu on my website.

I apologise if I start getting a little grumpy sometimes when I am harangued by some seeking the last possible penny off, it is because of what I have said above. Everybody should get the best price, not just those that hustle.

The guitar and mandolin luthiers I represent have lead times of up to (and sometimes over) a year. When I sell an instrument I can't get a replacement within a few days in the way that can be done with the large manufacturers.

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