Newsletter 17/1/15

Guitar News (Mandolin News below)


My search box is now working again.

  Wilborn OM Macassar ebony Guitar £3750
  Hatcher Greta Guitar £4195
  Beneteau Nick Lucas Guitar £4995
  Barry OOO+ Guitar £5195
  Schenk Fe Ziricote Vintage Guitar £4995
  Goodall J quilted maple Vintage Guitar £3750
  Kraut OM Vintage Guitar £7395

Four fantastic new guitars in since the last newsletter. Gordon Barry was recommended to me by none other than David Wren, he’s well known in Canada (selling mostly through Toronto’s Thirteenth Fret) but not so much elsewhere. David Wren says. "Forget about how gorgeous this instrument is ... forget about the craftsmanship chops this veteran builder brings to the table ... I had the pleasure of playing this one and ... it has one of the most responsive, powerful and complex tonalities I've played in ages ... LOVE this guitar!"

Also from Canada Marc Beneteau is up to his usual immaculate standards. This Nick Lucas model has one of the most beautiful sunbursts I’ve seen and it has sound to match with fantastic definition and projection. Thirteen frets to the body gives some of the extra warmth of a twelve fret guitar while retaining great access to the dusty end.

Mark Hatcher’s last guitar sold in no time and I don’t expect this beauty will be around for very long. He is under priced in my view. The workmanship is excellent and it sounds very full and warm with great balance. Mark is one to watch. See the AGF build thread here.

Ben Wilborn is also underpriced. I’ve had five guitars from him now and all have been amazing. This beauty in cedar and macassar ebony has a wood combination that I will definitely try again with the depth of ebony and warmth of cedar it’s a great pairing and less than half of the price of any other Macassar ebony guitar I’ve had in.

My next from the master of inlay Grit Laskin is underway. I’m hoping Grit will bring it over so we can have another Legendary Luthiers event. See the AGF build thread here.

I’ve also ordered the next guitar from the incomparable Michi Matsuda it’s a mini in African Blackwood and Italian spruce with his incredible Schafer style headstock. See Michi's gallery here.

There’s three new arrivals on the used wall. Its rare to see a used Kraut for sale, this is the one that inspired the custom build for Jon Barclay. See the AGF build thread here. Also a gorgeous James Goodall in spectacular quilted maple and a Schenk FE in some of the most beautiful Ziricote I’ve seen.

Mandolin News


My search box is now working again.

  Eastman mandolins Mandolin £Various
  Pava A5 blond Mandolin £2695
  Sorensen Sprite Mandolin £2695
  Old Wave Guitar Bodied Octave Mandolin Mandolin £3450
   Lebeda B5 Vintage Mandolin  £1495
   Dudenbostel F5 Vintage Mandolin  £17995
   Lyon and Healy C Vintage Mandolin  £1795
   Beardsell 6A Vintage Mandolin  £3495
   Weber Bitterroot F5 octave mandolin Vintage Mandolin  £2895
   Weber Black Ice F5 octave mandolin Vintage Mandolin  £4250

New stock of Eastman mandolins has arrived, J. Bovier due soon.

Bill Bussmann’s (aka Old Wave mandolins) Guitar Bodied Octave Mandolin (GoM) is another stunner, they don’t usually stay around for very long. As I’ve said many times before the GoM seems to get depth, balance and clarity often lacking in flat top octave mandolins.

The new blond Pava A5 is another fantastic mandolin made by Pava Knezevic in Tom Ellis’ workshop in Austin Texas. Unfortunately prices have gone up, I still have another beauty in sunburst finish at the old price, grab it while you can.

Steve Sorensen’s mandolins never cease to amaze and they don’t often hang around for long either, tone to die for and fabulous workmanship at a very reasonable price. This is my fourth mandolin from Steve and my first Sprite model, an F8 is due in the next few months.

Very exciting news on the used mandolin wall, a Dudenbostel F5! Its an incredible mandolin. Lots of interest already, I don't think it will be here very long.

Also on the used wall, a great sounding and great value Lebeda B5 with pickup, Al Beardsell’s incredible and innovative 6A, a Lyon and Healy Style C and two Weber octave mandolins. The L&H came in with Thomastik strings (34-11) which gave a me great opportunity to compare it with the other L&H style C I have in stock, strung with D’Addario J74s, 40-11. The difference was truly remarkable, as I’ve said before in my opinion Thomastik strings are not suitable for carved top and back mandolins (unless you have hand injuries, then they make sense). Thomastiks are made for very lightly built classical/bowlback mandolins and can’t drive the top of a carved top instrument sufficiently.. each to their own.

Happy pickin'