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Pete Langdell (see picture) has reinvented the wheel, or the mandolin to be more precise! There was a lot of resistance to his ideas at first but these mandolins speak for themselves, enough to impress the likes of Chris Thile and Radim Zenkle. So what’s so different? Apart from the innovative body shape designs, the sides are not a strip of wood bent round but carved from a solid block. This means that the back and neck can be attached and the top clamped in place then the instrument strung up and played. The top can be removed as many times as desired to be voiced to the required sound. And believe me Peter can carve the top and braces to recreate an amazing range of sounds.

Since 2007 Pete has worked alone making limited numbers of Rigel mandolins.

  1. Rigel G110 Resophonic (used)

    Rigel G110 Resophonic (used)

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    Wha d' y say about this! There are not many of these around, grab it while you can! It's in as new condition, it's loud and resophonicy!! It's a tough business describing sound (awwww poor me). I'm not even going to try with this one. With case.

    Rigel G110 Resophonic (used)Rigel G110 Resophonic (used)Rigel G110 Resophonic (used)

  2. Rigel CT 110 Blue (used)

    Rigel CT 110 Blue (used)

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    One of my favourite Rigels ever is back (probably briefly). This beauty used to be Ted Eschliman's, from jazzmando. It is in excellent condition and has the classic CT-110 sound, there is an amazing depth and richness to the tone, complex but well defined... its very hard to describe the tone of such a fantastic mandolin. Sounds great plugged in too.

    Its one of a kind and comes with the original Rigel tweed rectangular case.

    Rigel CT 110 Blue (used)Rigel CT 110 Blue (used)Rigel CT 110 Blue (used)

  3. Rigel I-110 (used)

    Rigel I-110 (used)

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    Was £3250. Dusty Corner price £2495.

    I can still remember when I first saw a photo of Pete's I-110. I thought it was darn ugly. By the end of the day I had gone back to the photos many times and completely changed my mind. When I got the opportunity to buy it I snapped it up but unfortunately it's the victim of my latest thinning of the herd.. just too many at home..

    Believed to be one of only three made with this headstock design... I know I am going to regret this....

    Rigel I-110 (used)Rigel I-110 (used)Rigel I-110 (used)

  4. Rigel Custom Comet

    Rigel Custom Comet

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    With an Adirondack spruce top and Pete's great pickup this custom comet sounds great, acoustic and plugged in. It has Rigel's legendary playability and a rectangular tweed hardshell case. It looks ... fill in the space... I know I am going to get lots of grief about this from the purists but the purest of purists (glad I'm writing not saying this) don't like Rigels anyways.

    It all started with an idea to post on various mandolin websites the opportunity for folk to design their own Rigel. The response was not what I and Pete and Peter had hoped for so I was left with the design job to do myself. Being a literal and unimaginative kind of person the obvious design for Rigel's new Comet model was to make the tail one end of a comet's tail and angle the soundhole for the comet. The guys at Rigel contributed the hot rod car flame and the black top with distant star sparkle and midnight blue back and sides and here we are. I think it's wonderful, if you agree please let me know, if you hate it, please tell somebody else.

    Rigel Custom CometRigel Custom CometRigel Custom Comet

  5. Rigel Q95 Espresso con Pana - Cream Top with Petite Bouche (used)

    Rigel Q95 Espresso con Pana - Cream Top with Petite Bouche (used)

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    The Rigel Q95 is also known as the Gypsy Q. It was designed by Ted Eschliman of JazzMando.com. They were voiced by Pete to have the sweet sound of vintage oval-hole mandolins. This is the "Espresso con Pana," cream top with ‘Petite Bouche’ sound hole. It is a wrench to let it go from my collection but sometimes needs must. It is carved from select, highly-figured Vermont rock maple and Adirondack spruce with a maple neck with graphite reinforced truss rod, radiused ebony fingerboard, gold Grover tuners and Rigel tailpiece, abalone diamond-pattern inlays’ internal piezo pickup and hardshell case.

    Rigel Q95 Espresso con Pana - Cream Top with Petite Bouche (used)Rigel Q95 Espresso con Pana - Cream Top with Petite Bouche (used)Rigel Q95 Espresso con Pana - Cream Top with Petite Bouche (used)

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