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Regular visitors to this site and my shop will know of my love of innovation, for example Michi Matsuda. Sheldon's Oracle with three elliptical sound holes and carbon reinforced bracing has received rave reviews from players and pundits alike.

Sheldon started making guitars in 1992 after being frustrated at not being able to buy a guitar he liked. He studied with David Freeman to learn the basics and was fortunate to have both Linda Manzer and Grit Laskin (see the Laskin page on this website) nearby to offer expert guidance. Having started out working in his basement for five years in 2008 he moved to an eighteen hundred square foot purpose built workshop.

You can see an interview with Sheldon here Interview

  1. Schwartz Oracle - Bearclaw Sitka & East Indian Rosewood

    Schwartz Oracle - Bearclaw Sitka & East Indian Rosewood

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    Its hard to know what to say sometimes when such amazing guitars arrive. I am shocked that Sheldon's work isn't more widely known.

    This is an original and wonderful work of art. I'm am fond of commenting on how great luthiers can combine qualities that otherwise might be considered mutually exclusive. Well Sheldon has pulled it off in achieving the big sound that you might expect from a sitka/rosewood sixteen inch guitar of this quality with remarkable individual note clarity and balance.

    Players in smaller rooms won't need amplification, neither will those who play with a soft touch - finger tips not nails for instance - lack any response or tonal character. Its big and beautiful and soft and mellow, a guitar that will respond to all moods and playing styles. Brilliant!

    Top - Bear Claw Sitka Spruce
    Back & sides - East Indian Rosewood
    Neck - Five piece mahogany, Peruvian walnut and curly maple
    Fretboard - Ebony
    Case - Workhorse carbon copy case

    Frets to the body - 14
    Scale length - 25.4"
    Neck profile - C
    Nut width - 45.3mm
    Nut spacing - 7.4mm
    Bridge spacing - 11.7mm
    Action fret 1 low E - 0.2mm
    Action fret 12 low E - 1.6mm
    Action fret 1 high E - 0.15mm
    Action fret 12 high E - 1.4mm
    Lower bout width - 16"
    Upper bout width - 12.01"
    Body depth at base - 4.53"

    Bent wood/drop top style arm rest - Cutaway with an access bevel - Lacewood logo - Cherry and black pear purfling - Black walnut bindings - Ebony headstock veneer - Black walnut rear headstock veneer - Glow in the dark side dots - Ebony pinless bridge - Gotoh 510 tuners - Black tuner buttons - Black Tusq nut and saddle - Clear pickguard

    Schwartz Oracle - Bearclaw Sitka & East Indian RosewoodSchwartz Oracle - Bearclaw Sitka & East Indian RosewoodSchwartz Oracle - Bearclaw Sitka & East Indian Rosewood

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