Sometimes even great guitars and mandolins have minor faults, little accidents or develop small issues over time. This section offers such instruments with a frank and honest descriptions of those issues and faults, available at incredible prices.

These instruments still play as well and sound as fantastic as you'd expect - otherwise we wouldn't offer them - so you get a remarkable instrument at a much lower price than you might have thought. It may even mean that you can own the work of a luthier who was previously beyond your budget.

Typical examples of 'issues' are:

- dings and scratches caused by us in the shop or occasionally by our visitors when demoing.

- a low saddle with little or no room for further adjustment but the instrument plays brilliantly.

- lacquer cracks which do not affect the stability or tone of the guitar; they might just mean that your instrument doesn't 'look' perfect.

- cracks in the top or back or sides which often have no affect on tone or long-term stability and which can be left as they are or repaired by a luthier.

- guitars that have a high action that might require a neck reset.

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