North American handmade acoustic guitars

World-class handmade acoustic guitars from the USA and Canada

At TAMCO in Brighton, buy a unique acoustic guitar from one of the talented makers listed below, or a pre-owned/vintage

acoustic from famous names such as Martin, Gibson, Lowden, Collings, Bourgeois and more on our used acoustic guitar page.










Great luthiers

whose work we've sold

BaranikBerkowitz, Big HollowBorges

BrockBrondel, Caldwell, Carruth, ChassonCirca, 

ClaxtonCollingsde JongeDoerrFay

FischerFranklinFranklin Guitar Co


LeachManzerOginoRein, SchwartzSimmonsSomogyi







Acoustic guitar and mandolin specialist The Acoustic Music Company (TAMCO) in Brighton UK, offers handmade acoustic guitars and mandolins, made by select luthiers from the USA and Canada. Our instruments are one-of-a-kind, boutique and as individual as you are.

Here you’ll find information, photos, videos, specifications and advice to help you find your perfect hand made acoustic guitar or mandolin. 

We represent over forty of the very best North American guitar and mandolin luthiers. We’re bold enough to say that they are amongst the best craftsmen in the world. Their acoustic guitars and mandolins prove that we are in the golden age of luthiery; workmanship is impeccable, tone is truly astonishing and design continues to push the boundaries.

We carry over fifty handmade acoustic guitars, with body sizes from parlour to jumbo and in more than twenty different tone woods. The guitars range from traditional to modern and groundbreaking; fan-fret, soundports, bevels, cutaways, Manzer wedges.

For those who consider the big brand acoustic guitars to be best, come and try for yourselves; we have an acoustically neutral demo room waiting for you, but a word of warning, allow at least a couple of hours for your’s addictive!