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  1. Kentucky Dawg Mandolin (used)

    Kentucky Dawg Mandolin (used)

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    The famous Kentucky Dawg is a reproduction of the Monteleone Grand Artist. Made by the Sumi team in Japan in cooperation with John Monteleone. There was only 48 of these made.

    Serial number 88402.

    It has a full tone with a great chop and good volume. With hard case.

    Kentucky Dawg Mandolin (used)Kentucky Dawg Mandolin (used)Kentucky Dawg Mandolin (used)

  2. Giacomel J5 (used)

    Giacomel J5 (used)

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    When I first saw this design I couldn't decide if I love or hated it, eventually deciding I wouldn't know until I had one. The Eastman Dawg sponsored DG1 reproduction arrived first and after a while getting used to it I decided I liked it so much I have kept it. This J5 is used with light playing wear and a 1 1/4" (32 mm) nut width. The sound is awesome, incredible volume and projection with strong, vibrant basses, rich and complex mids and precise and sweet trebles.

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    Giacomel J5 (used)Giacomel J5 (used)Giacomel J5 (used)

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