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  1. Eastman MDC 805 Mandocello

    Eastman MDC 805 Mandocello

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    Oval or f hole for a mandocello? It would seem logical that a cello would be better with oval holes given that bass and resonance is the point of a cello. I was surprised when I visited Bill Bussmann to hear the incredible bass from his jazz guitar bodied, f hole, octave mandolin, so surprised that I insisted he sell it to me! Not being a jazz fan I have never understood the sound of a jazz guitar, I just don't get it or particularly like it. It's the last thing I would have thought would produce a bassy and resonant larger mandolin family instrument, but is does! ... end of long story.... This Eastman cello proves the theory that somehow a jazz guitar body produces a deep and resonant sound. It has incredible warm and dark basses with rich and thick resonance, it plays easily and is a very fine mandocello. Comes with hardshell case.

    Eastman MDC 805 MandocelloEastman MDC 805 MandocelloEastman MDC 805 Mandocello

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